CARIBBEAN DANCE: explores feminine and masculine energy. This form opens the mind to understanding the cultural heritage and history of Caribbean dance, known for its beauty and conscious spirituality, and accentuates the movement of hips and torso. Some workshops focus more on authentic or traditional folk song and dances.

STREET DANCE: using static, isolated, popping, waving action, which help to control movement and gain co-ordination, building confidence and self-expression.

CONTEMPORARY DANCE: a particularly expressive style, building on and challenging traditional forms of dance to meet contemporary practice.

URBAN TAP: Tap is one of the oldest forms of expressive dance. Urban tap explores the authentic style of Caribbean and African dance fusing it with rhythms of the feet bringing an original new style to the 21st century.

MODERN BALLET: concentrates on placement of the hands and feet, body structure, posture, joints, muscles and co-ordination, helping to stretch and strengthen throughout. A unique style for body awareness, control and grace.

FIT JAM: The ultimate workout! This fun fit-Jam workout explores Caribbean movement, both traditional and contemporary, incorporating aerobics muscle and strengthening techniques, this is designed to improve: Flexibility, cardiovascular fitness & body tone especially working the quads & Gluteus.

Benefits: ‚
BURNS FAT! CREATE lean graceful muscles with flexibility!
RELIEVES STRESS - promotes an overall feeling of well being!
BEGINNERS can work at there own level moving between low and high intensity!

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