ONE-DAY WORKSHOPS: introducing new styles, or developing style to enhance and enrich the participants' creative learning.

AFTER SCHOOL, DANCE CLUB: a unique programme introduces and develops creative dance skills over a ten-week period, culminating in a performance showcase.

MULTI-CULTURAL FESTIVALS & CELEBRATIONS: performances and taster Sessions in Caribbean & African Dance.

INSET TRAINING: open to teachers and practitioners who wish to explore Free Expression's approach to fusing dance styles.

GIFTED AND TALENTED: intensive sessions individually or in small groups for young< people who have particular dance ability culminating in a final showcase performance.

FULL DAY WORKSHOPS Usually two hours before and after lunch.

HALF-DAY WORKSHOPS Usually two hours before or after lunch.

AFTER SCHOOL DANCE CLUB Usually 12 weeks culminating in a performance display.

Travel and other expenses will be negotiated on an individual basis.

Performances at events and functions can vary according to the length, time, and venue of the performance.

Other services are charged on an individual basis depending on the nature of the workshop.

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